Raise Newark Inc., provides you with services and tools to showcase your business, attract customers and connect to your community. We have worked with our community for the last 5 years on many different levels.


1. Website Design

Shining Brilliantly on all platforms is our main objective when we are developing your website.

A gleaming product is what we offer. This allows your customers to become more receptive to your brand and company.

Splendid is how you will feel when our development and design has converted a higher percentage of prospects to real clients.

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2. Social Media Design

Socialmedia can be a huge struggle on businesses now a days.What networks should your business use and how can you truly create a digital relationship that is not so digital?

Our team has been on socialmedia since the concept started with AOL many years ago.We are truly familiar with every aspect of socialmedia and what trends to use on all different platforms.

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3. Marketing

Approach is just the beginning of a marketing message and tactic. Proper planning and creating a clean program is the way to go.  We have years of experience and understand a great number of industries which allows us to create a marketing blueprint based on a percentage of your revenue.

Each businesses scenario is completely different which makes marketing so much fun and rewarding.

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4. Consulting Services

Being in business can become a stressful scenario especially when growth, organization, structure and management are not on a harmonies path.

We have been there and know how it feels.  Our Consulting Services will analyse a number of factors that are effecting your growth and bottom line.  Let us see how you can improve your business from the outside in, in order for you to change it inside out.

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